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untitledFOUNDER & OWNER: In some ways DJ Sicari’s story seems like a pretty familiar Detroit story. Within days of arriving here back in 1994 the B-boy Sicari was hired by Proof to boogie at Maurice Malone’s Hip-Hop Shop. Sicari hung out there with up-and-coming stars like Jay Dee, Eminem, D12 and Slum Village. Eminem’s DJ Head taught him how to rock the turntables. Since, Sicari has won more than a few DJ battles and spins for break-dancing troupe Hardcore Detroit. Then Sicari split Detroit for a few years, landing in San Francisco, San Diego and Hawaii. Along the way he earned a master’s degree in Public Administration at Kentucky State in 2002. He came back to Detroit in 2002 for a DJ battle at Hart Plaza and stumbled upon an opening at the Detroit Hispanic Development Center as an HIV counselor. He realized he could use hip hop to reach out to kids in Southwest Detroit. Sicari has gone on to become a Youth Program Coordinator at the DHDC, which provides after-school classes in video and music production, graphic arts-design, DJ and break-dancing classes and youth entrepreneurship.  “DJing is a tool to connect with people. I want to use hip hop to change and save lives. That’s my mission in life.”

Dj Sicari is a student of all Hip-Hop elements that loves using the culture to break barriers. I also rock clubs and parties, so I’m not just a bedroom or basement DJ. I eat, sleep, live and love music. Educate people on the beauty of your culture, and they’ll appreciate it…Open Minds…Open Hearts. Sicari recently opened an art gallery entitled Elements. It’s purpose is to serve as a resource for progressive media heads, of all genres, to use to express their respeceive talents, and artistic accomplishments to the city of Detroit. “I look at Elements as an opportunity for me to give back to all of those who are dedicated to mastering their art.” – written by Doug Combe and Sicari

DJ Sicari is also a member of Detroit‘s Legendary Hip Hop group 5 ELA.

co-Owner: A freelance Fashion Photographer, Piper Carter was featured on Tyra Bank’s VH1 show “The Shot”. she finished as one of the final 7 contestants, had the best picture 4 times (out of four episodes), and was chosen as team leader twice. The experience reinforced her passion for photography. Piper has been featured in OK! Magazine, TV GUIDE, US WEEKLY, and also SIRIUS RADIO, XM RADIO. After finishing as a Photography major at Howard University in the famous College of Fine Arts, she worked as assistant to maverick Fashion Photographer STEVEN KLEIN for three years. She’s shot editorials for BRITISH ELLE, NEW YORK TIMES, TRACE, SPIN, & other publications including emerging talent for ISLAND DEF JAM MUSIC GROUP. Her commercial experience consists of ad Campaigns for MCCANN ERICKSON, CANDIES, The Ad Council. At the start of the digital age she went back to school, graduating from Fashion Institute of Technology in May ’07 with her second BFA in Photography & Digital Media, she completed an internship at Vogue Magazine in the Photo Department assisting the photo research team with editorial content for the magazine and the Poiret exhibition which was featured at the METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART in the COSTUME INSTITUTE. Piper has covered behind the scenes of the collections at OLYMPUS Fashion Week for AOL’s & MERCEDES BENZ Fashion Week. Her videos of the Maria Cornejo collection were featured on French Vogue’s website for two seasons and her most current work was presented in Styleline, Ambassador, ESSENCE &
Piper Carter was one of the first to claim video as the new photography and bring it to where it is in fashion
editorial headed on the internet.
Check Out Her Video: BEAUTY

In 2008 Piper moved to her hometown Detroit, Michigan where she is also co-Owner of 5e Gallery, Co-Creator of theFoundation for Women in Hip Hop, a Multimedia Artist for Jessica Care Moore’s Black Women Rock, previous co-Chair for BravoBravo fundraising committee for the Opera House, a Founding member of Cosmic Slop a Michigan based Black Rock Coalition, Founding member of the Detroit Digital Justice Coalition, Adult Ally for Detroit Future Youth, graduate of Detroit Future Media, & Artist in Residence of Detroit Future Schools.


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