The 5e Gallery is a visual art and hip-hop culture gallery started in the Historic Corktown District of Detroit. 5e was founded by DJ Sicari as an outlet for the Detroit art and music communities to express themselves, learn, and grow. Our mission is to increase public awareness of the visual arts, music and community through exhibitions and educational programs.

The gallery has been a melting pot for Detroit and a home away from home for hip-hop culture from around the globe. The concentrated energy that fuels 5e Gallery has been mostly inspired by hip-hop culture. Its who we are, its our way of life.

The gallery is open to the public. Weekly classes and programs are offered.  Free Wi-Fi is available.


Mission Statement
Founded in July 2008 by Sicari Ware and is located in the Heart of Detroit‘s Historic Corktown District, The 5e Gallery is dedicated to being the foremost hip hop based Art Gallery / Performance Space in the world for djs, graffiti artists, photographers, bands, etc… to showcase their talents.

Through Sicari‘s leadership manifests his commitment to establishing, preserving, and documenting a collection that reflects the vitality, complexity and unfolding patterns of the intersection of contemporary art & Hip Hop culture; by presenting exhibitions and educational programs and by supporting & encouraging an ever-deeper understanding and enjoyment of contemporary art & Hip Hop culture by the diverse local, national, and international audiences that it serves.

To achieve its goals The 5e Gallery recognizes:

That contemporary art like Hip Hop originated in the exploration of the ideals and interests generated in the new artistic traditions that began in the early 1970’s and continues today. That contemporary art & Hip Hop transcend international boundaries and involve all forms of visual expression, including painting and sculpture, drawings, prints and illustrated books, photography, architecture and design, and film and video, as well as new forms yet to be developed or understood, that reflect and explore the artistic issues of the era. These forms of visual expression are an open-ended series of arguments and counter arguments that can be explored through exhibitions and installations and are reflected in the Gallery’s varied collection. It is essential to affirm the importance of contemporary art & Hip Hop and its artists if the Gallery is to honor the ideals with which it was founded and to remain vital and engaged with the present. That this commitment to contemporary art & Hip Hop enlivens and informs our evolving understanding of the traditions of art in modern society. Responding to new ideas and initiatives with insight, imagination, and intelligence fuels the process which encourages openness and a willingness to evolve and inspire change.


**The Elements: Hip Hop culture is defined as a movement which is expressed through various artistic mediums which we call “elements”. The main elements are known as MC’ing (Rapping), DJ’ing, WRITING (Aerosol Art), SEVERAL DANCE FORMS (which include Breaking, Up-Rocking, Popping, and Locking) and the element which holds the rest together: KNOWLEDGE. There are also other elements such as Vocal Percussion/Beat Boxing, Fashion, etc. Within the past 20 years, Hip-Hop culture has greatly influenced the entertainment world with its creative contributions in music, dance, art, poetry, and fashion.

**Definition of the 5 Elements of Hip Hop according to the Official Zulu Nation