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Members keep us healthy. Members are the foundation of EVERYTHING we do.

We need your support, and we want you to know we appreciate it. There’s always something new to discover at 5 E Gallery.

By donating to 5 E Gallery – by becoming a member – you receive benefits, along with the satisfaction of knowing your support is crucial to our growth.

As a member, you recieve a little extra from us:

Your film tickets are only $5 (as opposed to $10 regular admission).

You get discounted admission to Special Events, and Free or Discounted admission to our other events.

We’ll send you The 5 E Gallery Donor newsletter, with insider information, interviews, and other useful tidbits.

You’re invited to all of our Members Only receptions and events.

Our endless gratitude: your support makes us happy, healthy, and really, we can’t thank you enough.

Have a question about membership?
Email us. (subject: Membership)

Members-Only Events:
exclusive gatherings, just for you.


RSVP for member events: Piper Carter, Membership Coordinator (646.246.1429

We’re planning a series of events throughout the year to say a little extra “thank you” to you, our Members.

Past Member events have included:
50 for 5E Fundraider!

Exclusive sneak peeks before the opening of major exhibitions
Artist talks, & Members-only brunches

Members Receive Discounted Admission To All Live Arts Events At 5 E Gallery.

Members Make Our Outstanding Exhibitions Possible.

We offer several different donor levels:

Benefactor: $10,000+

Make a REAL difference as a 5 E Gallery Benefactor. Learn more. (subject: Benefactor)

Sponsor: $5,000
This level for people who really, really like us – and it really, really helps!

Patron: $2500
Make a REAL difference as a 5 E Gallery Benefactor at the $2,500, $5,000, $10,000 or $15,000 levels.

Sustainer: $1,000
This level for people who really, really like us – and it really, really helps!

Supporter: $500
When we get a $500 donation, we all gather together and let out a cheer!

Contributor: $250
This lets us, and everyone who comes here, know that you care.

Friend: $100
This demonstrates your commitment to 5 E Gallery.

Family/Household Membership: $75
This gives the member benefits to you and everyone you live with.

Individual Membership: $50
This is our basic, “it’s just me and I want to be a part of it” membership with benefits for one person.
Become a member today!

Membership donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

We deeply appreciate your support. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, thoughts, or ideas for how we can work together.

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