Riku is on of our favorite Artists from Detroit. She creates installations with spray paint using bright colors and incorporating the discarded spray cans arranged on the floor to become part of the composition. In addition to the design elements in paint, she’s incorporated trash to give the wall texture, and build up deeper layers of meaning. It’s pretty cool to see something like this indoors – not as photo – but able to spend time and truly digest all the different elements Riku brings to her composition.

5 E Gallery is currently accepting submissions for our “From Detroit With Love” Exhibition.

In Conjunction with La Famiglia Magazine showcasing some of Detroit’s most talented artists. Focusing on all mediums. Everything from graffiti and oils to photograhy and glasswork!

Famiglia Magazine is an art, music, and culture magazine. Covering
everything from street art and graffiti to acrylics on canvas, hip-hop
and electronic music, and cultural movements from around the world.

1 comment for “Exhibits

  1. Ashley McFADDEN
    31 January, 2011 at 9:00 am

    IMAshley McFadden a former CCS illustration/ art education major, and am now trying to put myself “out there”. Im, an eager POPartist that’s accumulated a large amount of pieces and am looking forward to my community to see my work. I as well love to promote other young Detroit artist of all genres by checking out their forms of art too.

    I would love for the opportunity to display my work in your Gallery, please give me proper information for qualifications and deadlines I may have to meet to become a featured artist in your gallery. Ive attended some of the 5E events and night functions , I LOVE THIS PLACE. A great place to chill. I would love (and will be completely devoted) to becoming a part of the 5E team!!!!!

    Thankyou for your time

    Ashley Mcfadden
    3135164418 or 3139342909 Ashesmacksart@gmail.com

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