We Appreciate your Love, Spirit and Support of such an Amazing 7-Year Movement! For the past 5 years 5e has Upheld Women in Hip-Hop in Detroit through Organizing The Foundation every week, as well as the Dilla legacy through the creation of Dilla Youth Day, while spreading Awareness of the 5 Elements of Hip-Hop through our using Hip-Hop’s cultural principles for civic engagement and Youth Development!
You asked how you can help: We need help raising money to renovate our new space.

Would you be willing to spread our ask to your network?

It would be a Super help to us!

All Donations accepted, & what can help us even more are donations of $500 & $1000.

We are Accepting All Donations…  Free Detroit Hip-Hop T-shirts with any Donation over $40 dollars.
All Donators over $250 become 5e Benefactors + get Free Admission to all events… for one Year!


5 Donation Incentives:

(What You Get For Helping 5e)

– $20 Our most humble appreciation and the good feeling of knowing you supported a good cause.
– $40 5e Gallery Hip-Hop Awareness T-Shirt (Include your shirt size in the notes of your donation). 
– $50+ Gallery Membership which includes 10 Free 5e Gallery Event Entries, 5 Free Refreshment Tickets and Special Access to our Seasonal “Members Only” Appreciation Events, 
– $100+ Your name displayed at the gallery as a major contributor and free entry to gallery events for year, 
– $500+ Custom Art Piece from one of our accomplished local artists.
Pierre and Gwen at 5e
Why The Sudden Move?
Although our presence at the Cass Corridor Commons successfully brought life, vibrancy and community to the building, after meeting with our landlords, we learned that our style of programming was not what they envisioned for the space and our lease would not be renewed.
5e Bgirl Mama

We found ourselves in a position where we had to decide how to continue the services we provide for Detroit’s culture creators as well as continue to build bridges between cultures with art in a vortex of cultural diversity. With only 30 Days time to move the entire gallery, we came together as a team of 5e stakeholders and community members to envision the kind of space that could house 5e Gallery’s multi-faceted programming. We decided to look at this situation as an opportunity to expand. We assessed programmatic needs, wrote out the plan and believed the space needed will avail itself.  With help from community members who value 5e Gallery, we found a space to move our programming! The new space is located at 8120 Grand River (Just 5 blks North of W. Grand Blvd)

The New 5e GR

We are raising money to expand our programming to our new space and to continue the 5e Gallery movement of contemporary Hip-Hop cultural awareness across the world. To do so we must re-design the interior of the 10,000 square foot space.

THe New 5e GR inside

Help us Grow The Movement!!!

To Donate: 

click DONATE button up @ the top right of this site (PayPal). or go straight to & send your Donation to 5egallery(at)

You can also write a check made payable to 5 Elements Arts Foundation 8120 Grand River Detroit, MI 48204



What are we doing?
We are proudly and purposefully taking the 5e Gallery to the next level. By next level, we mean- taking the steps now necessary to ensure that this institution of contemporary Hip Hop culture, that is loved and celebrated internationally continues.
What We’ve been up to…
Since the 5e Gallery was established in our humble first location in 2007, we’ve been leading a new cultural movement in Detroit. A cultural movement that uses Hip Hop for civic engagement, youth empowerment, life-skills development, building community, and most importantly nurturing people. In just three short years, we’ve experienced such phenomenal growth in our creative community (in art, population size, and in community values) that in 2011, we made the big decision to ‘step our game up’ and grow our capacity. For us, ‘grow our capacity’ meant three main things: – providing more physical space for our culture-redefining art exhibitions, events and programming. – providing access to state-of-the-art tools for creative professional skills-development. – providing more workshops and programs for youth empowerment and community building. In 2010, with our BIG self-determined spirit, a few donations from our family and friends, and every bit of savings we had :) we set out and “purchased” our 2nd location at 2661 Michigan Ave. (right on the border of the historic cultural districts Corktown and ‘Southwest Detroit’). Why the “” around purchased you ask? …because by “purchased” we mean a ‘land contract’ with a balloon payment of $50,000 due in March 2013. We campaigned ad raised a significant amount of funding support but due to amount of building repairs needed, Taxes and increased monthly land contract payment expectations, we had to unfortunately walk away. We were invited by EMEAC to move into the Cass Corridor Commons… Which brings us to why we’re here today.
Moving Forward…
One full year since we made the big move- the 5e Gallery has garnered local, state-side and international recognition for our powerful and transformative work. We have developed ongoing collaborations with the University of Michigan, Allied Media Conference/ AMP, Charles H. Wright Museum, and Detroit Digital Justice Coalition. Though we have re-opened and operated this past year to do our great youth work it has been in a limited capacity, Challenges have forced us to face the reality that building a cultural institution such as the 5e Gallery, which is here to serve the Detroit and global arts community, takes muuuuch more then the humble freelance [spotty] income of it’s Founder….it’s gonna take our entire global arts community.

Below is a list of all of the gallery needs  we are currently raising funds for.
The equipment is a wish list to get us up to professional standards so we can make money with our skills.

We have applied for grants and organized fundraisers. And have received funding to be used towards our 5e Sonic Maker Space Youth programming.

We Appreciate all your support!


Our Needs:

3D Printer – $4000
Laser Cutter – $10000
Projector – $1800
Electric Theater Projector Screen – $700 
Professional Sound System – $15,000
Industry Standard Microphones – $800
Industry Standard Instrument Microphones – $800
Microphone Stands – $300
Cannon 7D Camera w Lens For Filming and Documentation – $4000 
Zoom Microphone for Filming – $400 
Drum Kit $1000
DJ / Music Production Equipment $4000
Chairs – $3000
Tables – $1500
Staging – $4000
Supplies $4000
Paint Supplies
All Donations accepted, & what can help us even more are donations of $500 & $1000.
We really need your help.  Accepting All Donations…  Free Detroit Hip Hop T-shirts with any Donation over $40 dollars.
All Donators over $250 become Partners + get Free Admission to all events… for one Year!

Thank You!


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