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5e Gallery & The Heru Youth win top honor @ EMEAC Green Screen Competition! 
for Our Video of the Detroit Future Youth Network's Youth Food Justice Task Force#DetroitFuture

5e Gallery and the HERU Organization partnered in 2011 to create “the BUSinESS Program”(™) with youth of Detroit, to serve as our combined youth entrepreneurship, digital media arts and literacy, and social justice initiative. Our mission is to nurture and support the next generation of artists through mentoring and training to employ Principles that inform their art and media skills, digital media literacy, entrepreneurship, and social justice development.  Using Hip Hop, we cultivate positive self-identity and provide a safe space allowing youth to explore their creative expression using media as a tool to engage their peers to take leadership in confronting the various issues they face navigating systemic oppression and improving their communities in Detroit. 5e Gallery and the HERU draw upon our diverse networks of highly skilled local artists to teach media-making skills including– audio recording and record production, online and print self-publishing, digital distribution, social media, video production and streaming, graffiti mural art, poetry, screen-printing, b-boying, photography and DJing.


Detroit Future Media’s Youth Program aims to strengthen and deepen youth social justice organizing in Detroit by partnering with and supporting youth programs that focus on justice based education and multimedia creation.

To support the development and strengthening of:

1. Youth led interactive programming, curriculum development, and facilitation

2. Community organizing based media projects in which youth take action to solve community problems

3. Cooperative economics based earned income strategies towards self sustainable organizations and sources of income for youth

4. Broadband adoption (increased online presence and usage)

5. Inter-sectional movement building across social, media and environmental justice issues

6.Youth created multimedia storytelling centering youth as the experts of their communities and experiences

7. Internal capacity, communication systems, and healthy work culture within organizations

8. Deepened relationships, shared resources, and respectful communication amongst youth serving organizations in Detroit, working towards citywide youth movement building

5e Heru 7 Power Principles

1. Cultivate Self Knowledge + Awareness

2. Self is the Beginning of Community

3. Deliberately Practice Positive + Productive Expressions

4. Respect Organic Learning + All Intelligences

5. We Positively Create Our Reality & Empower Others to Do the Same

6. Nurturingly Inspire Accountability

7. Grow the Sustainable Infrastructure of Our Flourishing Community

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