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5e GalleryArts Center presents work that is transformational. We provide a myriad of opportunities for engagement beyond performances, allowing for deeper connection and understanding among Artists, Students, and Community. As a partner in these endeavors, donors play an active role in enabling our Students, and Artists to transform lives through the arts.

5e Gallery is an alternative multidisciplinary arts organization that presents and supports contemporary artists and their work, facilitates the creation of new work, and creatively engages, builds, and informs audiences and communities.


5e Gallery presents culturally diverse contemporary work that builds and serves a culturally, economically and generationally broad audience;

Support Artists 5e Gallery supports emerging and established artists and provides unique social and intellectual opportunities for a broader creative community;
Build Community 5e Gallery integrates artists and innovation into creative development of communities.
Encourage Dialogue 5e Gallery facilitates dialogue and engages its public in exploring esthetic, cultural, and social issues.
Provide An Alternative Space 5e Gallery is a space where alternative and challenging artistic points of view are supported and where audiences are valued and included.

10 Things You Should Know About 5e Gallery

1. We’re unique 5e Gallery is a welcoming environment for the convergence of people, art and ideas. It is a place where city and suburb meet, a comfortable place for people from different backgrounds.We have a national and international reputation for programming excellence.

2. We were founded in July 2008 5e Gallery is one of the United States’ seminal multi-disciplinary alternative spaces. Started out of Love, 5 E Gallery has continued to grow and evolve because of the support of our contributors and a steady mission to present contemporary art & culture in Detroit.

3. We work with living artists It is in our mission to support living artists. We often serve as a venue for emerging artists at a critical point in their careers. The artists we present come from a variety of stages — local, regional, national and international.

4. We rely on our members The support of our members is crucial to 5 E Gallerys mission of bringing new, innovative art of all forms to you. Members receive discounts to all our events as well as really good karma.

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5. We do more than one thing Exhibitions, movies, concerts, readings, educational programs, openings, lectures, workshops, spoken word, performance… Put it this way: check out our calendar and chances are something going on this month will interest you.

6. Our building used to be a The Michigan Gallery & Then the Zeitgeist Gallery

Click here to Read about the Michigan Gallery or here to read about the Zetigeist Gallery.

7. We like it when you hang out here 5e Gallery is a place for you to hang out — whether it be for discussing the art in the galleries or debating the merits of the film you just saw. And we have free wi-fi. So come early or stay late.

8. We’re not done yet Since moving into our new building, we’ve undergone a steady stream of renovations to build the arts center. What’s next, you ask? Well, for starters, we have Community Clean Up every Saturday 12noon-6pm. Stay tuned for the next phase.

9. We Love our Community Another part of our Mission is to maintain a strong, healthy relationship with the neighborhood. Through various public art projects and involvement in neighborhood planning committees, 5e Gallery will be a presence in Corktown for years to come.

10. And, well, we make popcorn with butter for our Film Screenings.


FILM & VIDEO: Featuring independent films from all over the world and the most comfortable seats you’ll find, 5e Gallery Cinema shows the best of indie cinema.

VISUAL ARTS: The Visual Arts Program consists of exhibitions, installations, artist talks and educational workshops. We support the investigation of new ideas and foster the creation and presentation of innovative work of all kinds. Programs are designed to be of interest to the established art world while being open and accessible to everyone.

LIVE ARTS: We present concerts, workshops, and discussions and commission new work. Solo performance, interdisciplinary explorations, and small ensemble pieces all have a home at 5e Gallery. We present readings by a wide range of authors and larger community-oriented events.

PUBLIC ART: 5e Gallery has commissioned public art projects in the Southwest and Corktown communities. Our public art porgram makes Detroit the setting and the subject.

EVENTS: Gallery openings, and private functions make 5e Gallery a space where people can connect. The annual Dilla Day “Ma Dukes is the Foundation” fundraiser benefitting the J Dilla Foundation has become the highlight of 5e Gallerys Year.

EDUCATION: We teach youth and adults the ins and outs of working as a Professional Artist. All year long we offer programming for youngsters and their families as part of our Commitment to the Community.

COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT: 5e Gallery is an active participant in community affairs. We have organized an event to help create a sustainable Fashion Industry in Detroit.

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