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Dj Sicari, a Hip-Hop culture advocate, Youth Mentor, Teacher and currently a wheelchair bound Multiple Sclerosis fighter is raising funds to build a wheelchair accessible ramp at his home. Sicari currently must depend on someone to help him enter and exit his home when necessary. Sicari’s sister has found a licensed contractor who will build the ramp if the cost of supplies can be covered.

Instead of asking for donations, Sicari has decided to design t-shirt campaigns to raise the necessary funds to make proper accommodations at his home. If you’d like to support this campaign click here  https://teespring.com/hip-hop-for-independence

“Although I appreciate the support of my friends, I want to be able to enjoy outdoors independently. By purchasing a shirt, you are truly helping me experience a better quality of life. Thank you in advance for your support!” – DJ Sicari

Zo! w Collective Peace “Flight of the Blackbyrd” Live

Zo! returned to his hometown of Detroit in celebration of the 31 year anniversary of Spectacles, teaming up with Collective Peace for a version of his song “Flight of the Blackbyrd”, live at The Carr Center in Paradise Valley, Detroit on July 14, 2015.


Detroit Freq Radio

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5e Gallery’s Internet Radio Station entitled DetroitFreqRadio.com announces 3 new shows for your listening enjoyment.


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Radio Improv with legendary bassist Angi Jackson, focuses on the various aspects of true Jazz culture. From its inception to its evolution, Angi covers it all and often shares her performance experiences with Jazz legends.







Soul Sauce Show





Soul Sauce with Flaquito Hernandez highlights songs from around the world with one thing in common… Soul, and…








Cruise Control with DJ Sicari takes you on a musical journey thru Hip-Hop, Groove, Reggae and Live Acoustic performances highlighting Detroit’s artists along with global music producers.




Be sure to visit DetroitFreqRadio.com and enjoy!










Know The Elements Collection

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5e Gallery’s “Know The Elements” Collection is Now Available for purchase at http://teespring.com/5egallery until December 9th.

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Choose to help support the renovation costs by adorning yourself in a “KNOW THE ELEMENTS” Hoodie… ON SALE UNTIL DEC. 9TH For $39.99! Multiple Colors Available! http://teespring.com/5egallery

“Remembering Trevor” – by DJ Sicari



trevor by the water

     This is a very difficult post for me to write. On Thursday Oct 9th, 2014 around Noon, an evil opportunist took it upon himself to rob and murder one of Detroit’s most dynamically creative, loving and dependable youth, Trevor Collins (18 Yrs Old). Trevor has a big heart and always offered to help me out at 5e. He was motivation for me to improve my health and continue to keep pushing to develop our space to better serve as a safe space for youth to access and creatively express themselves. As a visual artist and an “All-Styles” dancer, he was excited to be a part of 5e Gallery.


Trevor Dlectricity

     When Trevor would walk in the door at 5e, he often would look at me with disappointment if he didn’t hear my resounding baritone greeting of “Peace!” exclaimed from across the room. I usually shouted “Trevo!!!” after that and shook his hand. He was a little over 6-feet tall, athletically built, had a flat top that reminded me of my high school days, and always wore ear bud-styled headphones. He was a lover of music but didn’t force everyone to listen to it by blasting it on the computers at the gallery, only in his headphones.

     I remember after he’d been with us a few months, asking him what kind of music he listed to. He refused to tell me lol… because he thought we were so “Hip-Hop” we wouldn’t appreciate “Skrillex” or “Brick and Lace” a couple of his favorite artists. When he realized that I, as a DJ value all expressions of great music, he opened up and let us see his other creative talents.


Trevor at AMC 2014

     Trevor was a not only a visual artist, but a dancer, a sculptor, he would custom upscale clothing, maintain the gallery’s t-shirt displays and he made amazing smoothies! Everyone loves him. He had no enemies and was always there if you needed him. He quickly became family to us and we love him very much. He also became the cornerstone of the developing fresh fruit smoothie program at 5e. He was a well-rounded amazingly talented young man. He would bring his niece Nebrea to the gallery if he had to babysit and we would sit, talk and simply have good times. I am honored to have been a part of such loving and amazing young peoples lives.

Trevor 5e Tee AMC

     One Tuesday just after SGI, a beautiful Buddhist collective who chanted every Tuesday at 5e at the time, completed their session, I began spinning some eclectic dance songs to prepare for our usual Tuesday open mic event. I wasn’t paying much attention, but I just happened to look up from the turntables and noticed an impromptu dance battle had broken out between a few of the Buddhists and Lou Xiou, one of our DFY youth members. They went back and forth for a couple rounds but the Buddhists dancers pulled out a routine. I thought “Only at 5e Gallery would you see something like this… Lol!” I wondered what Lou was gonna do because he was by himself, Then out of nowhere Trevor pops up and him and Lou pull out a routine they’d been secretly working on! It was mind blowing to see! I didn’t know they danced like that at this point, so I was blown away. They finished the routine, We all clapped and cheered and the battle ended not long after that. No winner was proclaimed as the entire thing was just to have a good time. The smiles on all of our faces and the heightened positive energy in the room made us all feel like winners.


Trevor and Lou 3Trevor and Lou AMC2

     I could tell a thousand stories about Trevor’s experiences at 5e Gallery. I simply wrote this to give those who didn’t know him a little insight on the kind of young man he is. I have a hard time typing in the past tense when discussing Trevor so I continue to say “the kind of young man he IS.” I still feel his energy, willingness to help and his love of 5e. I still hear him laughing with Z’Niyah and playing with Moziah. I still see him practicing with Lou Xiou and talking with Romaine, HB and others. He will be missed dearly by many.

     The monster that took him from us has no idea the true impact of his actions. He just saw a flat top, ear buds and a cell phone. He didn’t see the sculptor behind the DTE tower made with pipe cleaners for James McMullen his 5e Sonic Makerspace mentor or taste one of the perfect smoothies Trevor would make and serve during 5e Gallery events. He didn’t see how Trevor helps his mother and myself thru our disabilities or how much he loves and cares for Nebrea or the good friend he IS to us all. He took one of our true angels and left a void in our hearts. The saddest part of all of this is truthfully, I believe if this person would’ve asked, Trevor probably would’ve helped him too.

     Please help us raise the $5k needed for Trevor’s funeral expenses. Here’s the link: http://www.gofundme.com/trevorsfund?pc=fb_u All Donations are Welcomed and Appreciated!

     There will be a fundraising event organized by Trevor’s family at 5e Gallery’s New Space (8120 Grand River Avenue Det, MI 48204) on Saturday, October 18th at 3pm. Please come by, make a donation, see some of Trevor’s artwork, tell your Trevor Collins story and celebrate the life of a very dynamic young man.

     Thank you for reading about some of my experiences with someone I am absolutely honored to know. May He Rest In Power! I Love You Trevor – DJ Sicari


Trevor Tribute

The DJ Sicari Experience Blog Post: Dlectricity 2014

I must say… I am blown away by how amazing and fun this past weekend was. Where do I begin…?


Our Hyper Interactive Hip-Hop Carnival installation at Dlectricity 2014 was truly a celebration from beginning to end. Our sound was brilliantly set up by Brandon and assistants from OCD. It was a dream system for a dj to have at an event of this nature. Marz Media provided our stage, lighting and projections. Ralph Talyor, Jeff Sturges and myself, as a team, organized the cultural presentations with the contributions of so many beautifully talented people with just plain good energy.


I remember feeling some reservation for a couple reasons. One, I hadn’t spun what I call a “Marathon Dj Set” like this in a while. Although, I practiced mentally preparing for this day for quite sometime, it truly felt like it came quickly and was upon me before I knew it. Two, I knew my role in the show as dj and host would be major so, I had my work cut out for me.

Along with the normal pressures that come with organizing an event of this magnitude, I also am fighting Multiple Sclerosis and am coming back from my legs being paralyzed a year ago. I’m actually in the process of teaching my body to walk again. I told myself “I would be off the “rolling walker” and at least walking with a cane by Dlectricity.” Increasing my mobility was truly a goal for me by the time I had to perform at this show. I’m happy to say I did it!

I djayed and hosted for the entire installation. Although we only had a commitment to providing two 45min sets, the dj comittment was from 6p to midnight and like Bambataa would say “The Rockin Don’t Stop!” I felt like the pioneer djs in the parks in the 70’s droppin breaks for the b-boys / b-girls. I really saw the importance of the dj in this show. It was something we didnt really discuss in detail. We all thought I would spin for maybe an hour before the show and then roll into the performance.

I turned it into a celebration utilizing the principles of True Hip-Hop Dj performance. Took people through different genres of music the only way I as a “DJ Sicari” could and kept them dancing under the giant disco ball we installed.


On Friday, after the warm set, it was approaching 8pm. I was ready to start the show. I received a message from Brandon that there were a few technical difficulties and the team needed time to work them out. They said the lights would go black as a signal to startI looked out at the crowd and noticed it was truly elbow to elbow. I was asked to stall a little bit. Assessing the crowd, I thought “it’s party time!” By judging the demographic of the crowd I thought to myself “Where should I start?” I relied on what my brother DJ Slopoke and I called the “The Formula”. This is when we take listeners on a trip thru time. It starts with backyard boogie and works it’s way to whats new and now.

I went to Prince, MJ, Rick, Stevie… Detroit Barbecue Classics. I took that into some Hip-Hop Classics and kept it movin to today’s sound. I think I ended with Vic Mensa’s “Down On My Luck”… It was fun. Next thing I knew, 45mins had passed. The crowd was partying and having fun. Then the lights went off… I thought… “Showtime!” I had everyone make noise for themselves and thanked them for partying with me and began the show with “It’s Just Begun” – Jimmy Castor Bunch.


What made our installation interactive was truly the party aspect. It’s something about Soca and Caribbean music that motivates everyone to dance like nobody’s lookin’. Each scene transformed from Hip-Hop to Soca. We brought Carnival to Dlectricity by the end of each performance. So much so, the party from the first show continued until the next show began, hence the marathon set.

If you know me, you know I’m a turntable purist. I don’t spin preplanned mixes or just let a playlist run. I spin record for record from start to finish. It’s the way I was taught and the principles I hold as a true dj. What I find amazing every time I spin is how the true celebratory nature of Hip-Hop culture becomes the essence of any show I do. It’s the essence of everything I do. The entire day at our stage was truly a multi-generational celebration. I was very proud to see our city’s youth and families dancing to songs they hadn’t heard before while experiencing and learning a new culture.


Each performance was awesome! Detroit Windsor Dance Academy, House Of Bastet, Hardcore Detroit, Motor City Rockerz, Ill Minded Stylez, Pavilla Rock and everyone who had on a costume or was a puppet contributed to lifting our city’s spirits on those two evenings. It felt like we were in the Caribbean celebrating and dancing our hearts joy out. To see a sea of smiles in the crowd because of the music I played made al of the stress, work and overcoming of obstacles worth it. I look forward to our doing it again soon. Stay Tuned and Shine On! – DJ Sicari


If interested in supporting the 5e Gallery Expansion Project so our cultural Hip-Hop programming can continue, click the “Donation” button. Support The 5e Gallery Expansion Project.

Since 2007, 5e Gallery has lead a cultural movement utilizing Hip-Hop cultural arts for civic engagement, youth empowerment, life-skills development, building community, and most importantly nurturing people.


“American Revolutionary” The Evolution of Grace Lee Boggs “Sneak Peak” Free Community Screening

Grace Film Promo

It is truly an honor to host a “Sneak Peek” screening of “American Revolutionary” in 5e Gallery / D. Blair Theater @ Cass Corridor Commons. As warriors in the struggle of achieving peace and justice in our lives, it is only right and well to honor and celebrate those who have selflessly paved the way. Grace’s work in the community has globally impacted and inspired social activists immensely (Ironically… I’m actually wearing the Boggs Center t-shirt dedicated to her husband James “Jimmy” Boggs right now; #Solutionary). The film highlights Grace’s accomplishments and gives a deeper understanding of what her life is like as an “American Revolutionary.”


You can attend a sneak peak screening of “American Revolutionary” The Evolution of Grace Lee Boggs on Wednesday June 25th, 2014 at 5e Gallery / D. Blair Theater before it airs on POV/PBS June 30th 2014. Admission is Free! (Only Free!… What a Steal!)  Hope to see you there!


Sponsored by:


Tawana “Honeycomb” Petty

D. Blair Theater @ Cass Corridor Commons

5e Gallery @ Cass Corridor Commons